Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Park: Part Two

Since Aaron was off today, and I go into work late, we decided to take another trip to the park. We're trying short, happy trips to get him over the car anxiety that he has over the trip home/vet trip. While he wouldn't willingly jump into Aaron's car, he didn't act scared once he was put in. He was willing to jump out of the car though, which is making progress.

Since there were two of us there, I was able to take pictures of Marcus at play. GO GO ACTION CORGI! It's hard to take good shots with a DSLR in one hand and a leash in the other! Marcus is such a great subject to take pictures of. He has the sweetest face, and always smiled at the camera. Unfortunately, this makes it nearly impossible to get an pictures of his cute sad face :-(

I was also FINALLY able to get good pictures of his cute bunny butt. Whenever I try to take one at home, he turns around to look at me!

With a butt that cute, who needs a tail!?

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